Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best 5 Attractions to Visit in Boston

Say you only have the weekend to travel to Boston and not sure where to visit. Fret no more! Although there are lots of sights and wonderful places to stop at Boston, there are some places that should not be missed when visiting Boston.

Freedom Trail

You might not think much of a brick road, but this 2.5 mile long red path that goes through downtown Boston is actually a guide that leads you to 17 significant historic sites.
Starting from Boston Common to Bunker Hill, you will notice that along this trail there are simple ground markers that explain events, graveyards, churches and other historic buildings, and even a historic naval frigate on the way. Some sites are free, some requires a small admission fee or even donations. 
Here is the list of the 17 sites along Freedom Trail:
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enriching Tour of Harpoon Brewery in Boston

Today, we would like to feature one of the best breweries that we have found in downtown Boston and that could be no other than Harpoon Brewery. The journey began in 1986 when two people came together for the love of good beer. And more importantly, they wanted diversity, flavor, options...and that is how Harpoon came about. Rich Doyle and Dan Kenary knew all about good beer but knew nothing about brewing them so, upon returning to Boston after traveling in Europe, a brewer was hired and that was when Harpoon began.
Receiving much support from family and friends, along with fans and beer lovers from all walks of life, Harpoon successfully held their first ever Oktoberfest festival at their brewery in 1990, without knowing that it was going to be at all successful. But as soon as the doors opened, people poured in from their charter bus Boston vehicles to give their full, unabashed support to the brewery. The rest is history, like they always say.
Touring the brewery during our charter bus Boston vacation was a real treat and an eye-opener if you have never been to a real brewery. They give you a very clear and concise advice and educational tour about what went where and when. If there was one brewery we wanted to thank for giving an all-out for a tour, it would have to be to these guys. Kudos is due where kudos is deserving.
The charter bus Boston tour also takes you through the whole process of picking the right ingredients, taking it to the brewhouse, conditioning and fermentation and then finally, the packaging of the final products. What we really love about Harpoon is that it stands out not just as a company that is there to simply make a profit....they stand for what they believe in and prove that they can be more than just a business...they are trying their hardest to be a part of the community and neighbor to all their visitors.
Ask around and you will see considerable effort being poured into using natural resources, recycling stuff and taking environmentally-responsible actions. It is all about taking responsibility of the world that we create and live in and we tip our hats to Harpoon guys for trying to make a clear difference in this world. Something you ought to come experience once during your charter bus Boston getaway.
In fact, in the spring of 2012, Mayor Thomas Menino, together with the Boston Green Business Award gave Harpoon their very first recognition and honor for being an earth-friendly establishment.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drink, a Comfortable Speakeasy Style Bar

Looking for a easy, comfortable, affordable and yet entertaining nightout in Boston? Then you can look further than Drink. Being named as the World’s Best Cocktail Bar in 2013 during the Cocktail Spirited Awards is no mean feat but this is what Drink has achieved thus far. Located strategically on Congress Street means that charter bus Boston visitors do not have to go through much trouble in order to find this quaint cocktail bar and it is open everyday, including Sundays, from 4pm on till late in the morning. The closing hours depends pretty much on the crowd.
For tourists who are sometimes short on cash, credit cards are accepted at the bar and is the perfect place to spend some time with family and friends, enjoying a couple of rounds of drinks in a comfortable environment. The management of Drink are pretty active on their online social networking accounts, i.e. Facebook and Twitter and this keeps their loyal fans coming back for more.
Although Drink is a reasonably large bar, they do not have special VIP rooms for large gatherings. However, they boast of well-trained mixologists who really know all about coming up with the best cocktail for their guests. The quaint names to their cocktails never fails to give their fans a surprise and they seem to be consistent in coming up with new mixes. If you really want to be surprised with a drink, simply walk up to the bartender and ask for a ‘surprise me’ drink. If you have a favorite drink, the trick is to let the bartender know what it is and then put him to challenge your love for that mix. Trust us, most bartenders love and will rise to the challenge.
Visiting a charter bus Boston place like Drink lets you mingle around with the locals without putting on a pretentious front. You are completely free to talk to the bartender and anyone within earshot. Because Drink’s been enjoying enviable popularity with the locals, especially during weekends, expecting a rather long wait is the best way to deal with your experience here.
Overall, the experience is an extremely comfortable one....even the entrance of the bar can be easily mistaken for someone’s apartment. It is all about mixing around with people of like mind, people who are earth-bound and friendly. And besides, there isn’t a menu to refer to when ordering. There is no other way to get your orders through other than to discuss what you are in the mood for with the servers and bartenders.
It is simply one of the best chill-out place during your charter bus Boston vacation, after a long day of exploring and adventure.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beacon Hill, Boston

Other than window shopping, another fun pastime to do when you have free time is to go on a sightseeing tour with your friends. And if you want to travel back in time, planning a day’s trip to the Beacon Hill in a chartered Boston coach bus would just be a lovely idea. 

Beacon Hill is a very interesting place to visit – with its early 19th century neighborhood and narrow streets, the row houses there are almost all built with bricks; some in Federal, some in Victorian and some in Georgian styles. The houses are pretty much very well maintained and the streets are paved with cobblestones and the streetlights are gas-lit, which makes it a modern romantic venue for lovebirds who wants to take a stroll on any given evening. The Beacon Hill would be an almost perfect romantic getaway, if we dare say so ourselves. And if you would just add on to the romantic rendezvous with a Boston chartered bus waiting to bring you and your loved one home or to somewhere else for a romantic dining experience - that would then make it a perfect evening! However, if you don’t mind staying on at Beacon Hill for dinner, they do have some interesting eateries at Beacon Hill too.

However, that’s just our take on a romantic getaway for couples who are dating, or those who are married and want to “fire up” their marriage with some romance. Beacon Hill is also a great place for friends to come together for leisure walks and sightseeing when you come visiting on a Boston charter bus. Don’t forget to bring your cameras along with you, as there are many good spots to stop by and capture some of the beautiful moments of your trip. One of the most outstanding buildings that you will get to see at the Beacon Hill would be the new State House – it was built by Charles Bulfinch in 1795 and the dome is said to be covered with 23½ carat gold leaf! There is no better way to spend a lazy, quiet afternoon with your friends than with sightseeing trip to the Beacon Hill and admire the beautiful structures of the past and stop by one of the eateries to grab a bite or a snack, have a cup of coffee or tea while you catch up on the latest happenings in each others’ lives – after all, no one’s really in a rush to get home, right?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Boston Public Library

Reading is a good habit. In fact, it is a habit that should be cultivated in children at a young age. And if you have happen to have a big family who enjoys reading, buying books can be quite a burden as books can be quite expensive. Hence, one of the best ways to read without having to cough up a huge amount of money on buying books is to go to public libraries. It will be a great bonus if you are able to plan for a day’s trip to the Boston Public Library in a Boston charter bus, for some reading and touring the first ever municipal library in the U.S. – something like a short holiday, but at the same time, everyone gets to do what they enjoy most – reading.

Upon arrival at the entrance of the Boston Public Library in your Boston charter bus, you probably would have already noticed its beautiful building on the outside, but as you enter into the library, the interior of the library will almost take your breath away. The space in the library is huge with marble floors – and as you enter in, you would feel as though you just walked into a rather grand hall. The mural artwork in the building is breathtakingly beautiful too.

The Boston Public Library is made up of two buildings – the McKim building, which is named after its architect, Mr Charles Follen McKim while the new building is named the Johnson building that offers circulating books and internet connection. The McKim building is where they have the research library and a map collection, with also murals and a grand gallery where you will find on display the abundance of treasures collected over the past 160 years.

One of the main points of interest of the Boston Public Library is its courtyard that gives visitors a quiet place, away from the hustle and the bustle of the city for a time of peace and serenity. You can grab a snack or lunch from the cafĂ© (the Map Room Cafe) and have your food right there at the courtyard and enjoy the serene surroundings at the same. If you prefer to have a sit down lunch, you can always drop by Novel, a restaurant that serves lunch and tea at the library, and public restrooms are also available on the basement and the first floor of the McKim building. We are sure that as you make your way home in the rented Boston charter bus, your family may just be thinking and planning another trip here soon – the collection of books are just too irresistible as well as the comfort of being driven there in a Boston shuttle bus service makes it even more tempting to return!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

On the water in Massachusetts

Whether you desire an escape to a pristine natural environment or a spirited excursion that provides panoramic views of Boston, there is a Massachusetts river cruise to suit your charter bus group’s needs. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is home to 4,230 miles of rivers that are flanked by dense forests, colonial architecture and a wealth of historic sites. Massachusetts river cruises give charter bus visitors the opportunity to explore the area’s scenic beauty, while learning about its history. Explore Massachusetts’ rivers with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus charter from Bus Charter Boston.
The Charles River and Locks Sightseeing Cruise is a 90-minuted narrated tour of Boston's Inner Harbor. The cruise is operated by the Boston Harbor Cruise company, which has been providing water tours since 1926. The Charles River and Locks Cruise offers Boston charter bus visitors unobstructed views of the of the Boston and Cambridge skylines and it passes a number of noteworthy sights, including the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned ship in the world that is still afloat, Bunker Hill Monument, Old North Church, Harvard, M.I.T. and Beacon Hill. On-ship amenities include snack and liquor bars that offer fast food and alcoholic beverages for a fee. This cruise runs from late June until early September; it's offered once daily during the week and twice per day on weekends.
Cape Ann’s River Cruise is a laid back excursion that takes charter bus guests along the Annisquam River on the northern shore of Massachusetts. The cruise is conducted by the Cape Ann’s Marina Resort, which is located in Gloucester, a picturesque city that is the home of the oldest seaport in the US. The cruise takes place aboard the “Anni” pontoon boat. The cruise takes passengers on a peaceful ride past several of the area’s top attractions, including the Annisquam Harbor Light house, a permanent fixture in the area since the early 1800s, riverfront homes and cottages, and Ipswich Bay. Light snacks and beverages are available for purchase aboard the cruise. Cruises run from late-June until Labor Day. Charter bus guests staying at least one night at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort receive complimentary admission to the river cruise.
Essex River Cruise and Charters offers charter bus visitors several narrated tours of the Essex River and a range of sites that have been immortalized in Hollywood films. The tours take place in Essex, a coastal city located 26-miles north of Boston and travel a tidal estuary, which flanks the Atlantic Ocean. The 1.5-hour cruise is the company’s most extensive excursion. The cruise takes charter bus guests along a sprawling route that provides glimpses of a number of attractions, such as the Ship Building Museum, Cross Islands and a saltwater marsh. The tour also travels past several sites that have been featured in Hollywood movies, including Woodman’s Restaurant from the film “Grown-Ups”; Crane Beach from “the Witches of Eastwick”; and Castle Hill from the “Thomas Crown Affair.” Snacks, souvenirs and beverages are available for purchase at the tour company’s gift shop. Cruises run daily from May through October.
Cruise down the rivers in Massachusetts when you visit the state with a charter bus from Charter Bus Boston. Charter Bus Boston provides you with fully equipped charter buses that will suit any charter bus group transport need.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boston seafood buffet

Boston is America's oldest port, and is still serving New England as its maritime commerce hub and Boston's fishing fleet provides fresh catches daily for the city's numerous fish markets and seafood restaurants.  If you’re planning a seafood dinner or celebration for a group in Boston, charter a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus from Charter Bus Boston.  Travel through Boston with your charter bus as you choose to dine in seafood restaurants throughout the city, from historic 19th-century establishments to contemporary restaurants, serving everything from familiar seafood platters to exotic gourmet creations.

The East Coast Grill is located a short charter bus ride away on Inman square, serving hot and spicy seafood along with a selection of barbecue plates.  Charter bus diners can also sample the grill's sushi bar selections and enjoy an after-dinner cocktail in the East Coast's Tiki Lounge.  Also located nearby is Legal Seafoods, a Boston-based chain that began in 1968 with it’s first outlet next to the Inman Square fish market.  Legal Seafoods' wine list is excellent and recommends that charter bus diners start with the clam or fish chowder, saving room for a slice of Boston cream pie for dessert.

Take your charter bus over to Boston’s North End where you have a choice of 2 establishments specializing in oysters.  The Neptune Oyster's menu changes daily, revolving around the freshest catch in the local fish markets.  This results in some very esoteric offerings on their menu, such as sea urchin, alongside traditional seafood favorites.  A short charter bus ride away is The Union Oyster House, which opened in 1826 on the former site of Capen's Dry Goods, and hosts a raw bar on its ground floor with a dining room upstairs.  Daniel Webster was a regular customer, and partial to the Union's oyster bar. 

Head chef Ken Oringer operates Clio, located next to his Uni sushi bar.  Tell your charter bus driver to drive down to Back Bay, where your charter bus group can sample the delights of Clio’s menu which specializes in French seafood specialties using exotic ingredients such as licorice root and baby eels. "Boston Magazine" named Clio Boston's best French restaurant in 2009 and highly recommends the scallop-shingled Cod.  Turner Fisheries is located within charter bus driving distance at Copley Square's Westing hotel and offers live jazz most nights.  Fodor's notes Turner's clam chowder won first prize at Boston's annual Chowderfest numerous times and enthusiastically recommends it to diners, while Travel Channel finds Turner's seared scallops particularly enticing.

Arguably serving the best seafood on the Cape, the Brewster Fish House aims to please. This small cottage looking stop is unassuming to those passing by in charter buses, but make a point to stop because inside is served fresh, perfectly prepared fare that will please even the most discriminating diner. The laid back atmosphere makes waiting bearable when you can cozy up to the bar and chat away with whomever ends up by your side. 

For a seafood smorgasbord charter bus tour of Boston you’ll not soon forget, give Charter Bus Boston a call to find out how they can help you arrange your charter bus trip with a selection from their fleet of charter buses and friendly, personalized service.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boston in brief

Boston offers charter bus visitors an irresistible blend of past, present, and future. Tour Boston with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Charter Bus Boston. In Boston, history and innovation combine to create a charter bus destination that's easy to explore yet always surprising. 
Although Bostonians tend to walk everywhere, taking a charter bus is a good way of getting around to see the attractions. One such attraction is the historic walking tour, the Freedom Trail. Other pedestrian friendly destinations for charter bus visitors are the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and North End. Other attractions in Boston are the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Art. From there, it is a short charter bus ride to the Charles River, and the young, lively streets of Harvard Square. After that, take a break in the Public Garden, or take a ride in a Swan Boat. Perhaps you could catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, or slip into one of Boston’s award winning restaurants.
The most interesting shopping in New England for charter bus visitors are the shops, boutiques, galleries, markets, and malls of the downtown Boston area. Drop by Newbury Street for a little shopping, or if your budget doesn’t extend, window shopping instead. It is the heart of Back Bay, where you can find high end brand names alongside craftsmen making merchandise found only in Boston. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is more of the same, but for some real gems, you have to take a charter bus to visit the neighborhoods, such as Beacon Hill and the South End in Boston, or Harvard Square and Porter Square in Cambridge.
Food figures prominently in Boston, with familiar favorites such as New England clam chowder, Boston baked beans, Boston cream pie, and Samuel Adams beer. The local waters produce the freshest of seafood, and local organic produce all feature prominently on local restaurant menus. If you prefer a taste of Italian, take a charter bus up to the North End, or down to South End if you prefer bistro style dining. For a mixture of upscale, ethnic and budget friendly options, Cambridge is a just a short charter bus ride away.
Music is the lifeblood of Boston, and the legendary Boston Symphony Orchestra and the beloved Boston Pops both play at the landmark Symphony Hall. Boston is also famous for other music genres such as rock, folk and jazz, and charter bus visitors will find those in Cambridge’s Central Square, where they will find the best live music scene in New England. Throw in a mix of quality comedy, along with a wild variety of student performances, and you have a nightlife that is hard to beat.
For a charter bus tour of the best that Boston has to offer, give Charter Bus Boston a call to find out how they can help you plan your visit with their fleet of charter vehicles and friendly, personalized service.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making your way to Martha’s Vineyard

If you’re in Massachusetts, and you and your group need to travel overland, give Charter Bus Boston a call and hire a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus from us. This is especially useful if you intend paying a visit to Martha’s Vineyard.
Martha’s Vineyard is a 100 square mile island located in the south of Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. A part of Dukes County, Martha’s Vineyard is part of a group of islands that also includes Cuttyhunk Island, the Elizabeth Islands and Nomans Land. It is known primarily as a summer charter bus tourist vacation destination, notably for celebrities, businessmen and political figures.
The island has a permanent population of of around 15,000 residents. However, this figure swells to well over 100,000 during the peak summer months. Martha’s Vineyard is accessible only by boat and air, and is the third largest island on the East Coast of the United States. There are six main towns on Martha’s Vineyard. Tisbury, which includes the village of Vineyard Haven, is the main port of entry for charter bus group visitors. The largest of the towns is Edgartown, known for it’s whaling tradition. Oak Bluffs serves as a secondary port of entry for Martha’s Vineyard and has a very active night life. Agricultural activities on the Vineyard are centered around West Tisbury. The fishing village of Menemsha is located in the town of Chilmark. At Aquinnah you will find the famous Clay Cliffs, and is also known for being the summer residence of Jacqueline Kennedy.
As you arrive off the ferry in your Charter Bus Boston bus in the summer, you will immediately notice the pleasant summer weather. During the Vineyard’s history, whaling captains built summer homes on the island. This lead to the tradition of having a summer holiday on Martha’s Vineyard for many of the East Coast’s wealthy and famous families.
The summer season on Martha’s Vineyard begins in June, and runs through to Memorial Day weekend, taking advantage of the school summer break, which is exactly when everyone starts planning their group charter bus tour vacations. July 4 is Martha's Vineyard's busiest weekend. The Agricultural Fair is another huge tourist draw in late August. The Vineyard is also known for its film festivals, the African-American Film Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival. Martha’s Vineyard was also the location for the filming of Steven Spielberg’s movie “Jaws”.
There are numerous activities on the island, mainly centered on the water. Beach walks are a popular activity, and getting around on a bicycle is easy. Restaurants that cater to every budget are plentiful, as are accommodations to suit every taste.
If your group plans on visiting Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, give Charter Bus Boston a call for our friendly, personalized service.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Charter Bus Boston

If you need to hire a charter bus, Boston or another destination, it doesn't have to be a hassle. Our attention to detail and our commitment to service is the reason that our charter bus company is chosen more than any other for group travel needs.
Curious about common reasons for booking a charter bus? Boston is just one of the many destinations that we service around the country. It's a common city that people choose to visit for both business as well as pleasure trips and Boston has some outstanding sightseeing opportunities.
Do you have a youth, senior or church group? These are common types of charter bus groups we take to Boston on a regular basis. For history buffs, schedule a stop at a few of Boston's outstanding museums, or let them have the thrill of walking the same hallways as some of the founding fathers in many of the historical monuments around Boston. You can also enjoy the restaurants and shopping with your charter bus group, Boston has a huge number of fun venues to explore and enjoy.
Corporations can also benefit from hiring a charter bus. Corporate events, meetings and seminars can be a breeze to organize when you use the services of a charter bus. Boston is a hub for business and besides the convenience of using a charter bus, it also makes good financial sense. The high costs of fuel can make driving together in a caravan no longer a cost effective option. Additionally, when using the services of a charter bus company, no one has to arrive fatigued or stressed out from driving, everyone gets to sit back and enjoy the ride. Best of all, no one will arrive late, everyone gets to your venues at the same time when you utilize a charter bus.
Special occasions are also a breeze to plan when you use the services of a charter bus. From family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries can all be celebrated in safety and comfort in a charter bus. No hassles about driving or parking and your driver will get you to every stop on time, every time.
If you're ready to book your excursion on a charter bus, Boston is ready and waiting to show your group a wonderful time. From history to the outstanding nightlife and the fantastic shopping and restaurants; you can see it all from the comfort of your charter bus.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The hidden sides of Boston

Visiting Boston? Then the best way to get around and get to know the city better has to be with Bus Companies Boston. But what’s better than just getting around is knowing the interesting history behind some of Boston’s best kept secrets.
Boston, is one of the oldest cities in the United States and before it was named Boston after Boston, England, a town in Lincolnshire from which several prominent colonists originated its original name given to the location by the local Native Americans was ‘Shawmut’. If you are a history buff like some of our charter bus, party bus, local passenger shuttle bus customers, then this is the place that you would want to hit if you are ever in Boston.
Due to its deep harbor and advantageous geographic position Boston became the busiest port in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, surpassing both Plymouth and Salem and from its founding until the 1760's, was America's largest, wealthiest, and most influential city. In fact, the Mather School was founded in Dorchester in 1639 was the first public elementary school in America.  
Many people use our Boston charter bus, mini bus or school bus for sports outings. Boston used to have two major league baseball teams until 1954 - the Boston Braves and Boston Red Sox. The home of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, is the oldest original Major League Baseball Park still in use. And, before they were called the Boston Red Sox in 1907, the baseball team used to be called the Americans, the Pilgrims, the Somersets, the Puritans and even the Plymouth Rocks
Boston also set a few first in the area of transportation with the Boston & West Worcester Railroad company being the first railroad to charge commuter fares in 1838, while Massachusetts first began to issue driver's licenses and registration plates in June 1903. 
Visitors who are visiting Boston, with or without the use of our charter bus, party bus, mini bus or school bus, can today pay a visit to the U.S.S. Constitution, known as 'Old Ironsides' oldest fully commissioned vessel in the U.S. Navy that is today permanently berthed at the Charlestown Navy Yard. 
So hit the road and make history yourself in Boston with a party bus, mini bus or bus charter package from Bus Companies Boston and who knows, some day, someone may ne quoting your name in a bit of trivia about Boston.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

September Highlights for Boston – From The Charter Bus Boston team

Things are about to light up and get more exciting before the dawn of dreary weather conditions here in Boston. What we are looking at is a string of after-summer events that will ready you up for much more ahead! For instance, we have the Boston Arts Festival to look forward to this September which will be rolling out from September 7th right up to end of the weekend on September 9th, 2012. The two day event, based on what we can see in the past, is a big tourist magnet and often, the city billows with exciting sounds, sights and entertainment at Christopher Columbus Park where entertainers and local public figures will make an appearance.
If you are not much of an art person, then book a date with the New England Dessert Showcase which is happening on September 8th, 2012 from noon right up to the end of the day. Admission fee is set at an affordable rate of $35 per person but this also means that you will get to lay your hands on desserts from the region’s best and most acclaimed dessert chefs. We are not talking about your regular banana split here – this is from some of New England’s finest chefs and artisans! So, we are sure that you and many of our charter bus Boston customers are going to get your palate plenty pleased here.
Another event that is set to happen later during the month on September 22nd, 2012 would be the Samuel Adams Octoberfest – it is mostly about the best German Beer at Park Plaza Castle which will feature live bands, great food, drinks and all-round entertainment. For those who are interest, please be informed that the tickets for the events includes the tapping of the first keg with Sam Adams brewer. Click on over to their website for more information about it.
In the meantime, please do check out Charter Bus Boston’s fleet of charter buses for details about using one of our amazingly luxurious fleet of coaches, buses and exotic vehicles!