Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Enriching Tour of Harpoon Brewery in Boston

Today, we would like to feature one of the best breweries that we have found in downtown Boston and that could be no other than Harpoon Brewery. The journey began in 1986 when two people came together for the love of good beer. And more importantly, they wanted diversity, flavor, options...and that is how Harpoon came about. Rich Doyle and Dan Kenary knew all about good beer but knew nothing about brewing them so, upon returning to Boston after traveling in Europe, a brewer was hired and that was when Harpoon began.
Receiving much support from family and friends, along with fans and beer lovers from all walks of life, Harpoon successfully held their first ever Oktoberfest festival at their brewery in 1990, without knowing that it was going to be at all successful. But as soon as the doors opened, people poured in from their charter bus Boston vehicles to give their full, unabashed support to the brewery. The rest is history, like they always say.
Touring the brewery during our charter bus Boston vacation was a real treat and an eye-opener if you have never been to a real brewery. They give you a very clear and concise advice and educational tour about what went where and when. If there was one brewery we wanted to thank for giving an all-out for a tour, it would have to be to these guys. Kudos is due where kudos is deserving.
The charter bus Boston tour also takes you through the whole process of picking the right ingredients, taking it to the brewhouse, conditioning and fermentation and then finally, the packaging of the final products. What we really love about Harpoon is that it stands out not just as a company that is there to simply make a profit....they stand for what they believe in and prove that they can be more than just a business...they are trying their hardest to be a part of the community and neighbor to all their visitors.
Ask around and you will see considerable effort being poured into using natural resources, recycling stuff and taking environmentally-responsible actions. It is all about taking responsibility of the world that we create and live in and we tip our hats to Harpoon guys for trying to make a clear difference in this world. Something you ought to come experience once during your charter bus Boston getaway.
In fact, in the spring of 2012, Mayor Thomas Menino, together with the Boston Green Business Award gave Harpoon their very first recognition and honor for being an earth-friendly establishment.