Monday, June 17, 2013

Boston Public Library

Reading is a good habit. In fact, it is a habit that should be cultivated in children at a young age. And if you have happen to have a big family who enjoys reading, buying books can be quite a burden as books can be quite expensive. Hence, one of the best ways to read without having to cough up a huge amount of money on buying books is to go to public libraries. It will be a great bonus if you are able to plan for a day’s trip to the Boston Public Library in a Boston charter bus, for some reading and touring the first ever municipal library in the U.S. – something like a short holiday, but at the same time, everyone gets to do what they enjoy most – reading.

Upon arrival at the entrance of the Boston Public Library in your Boston charter bus, you probably would have already noticed its beautiful building on the outside, but as you enter into the library, the interior of the library will almost take your breath away. The space in the library is huge with marble floors – and as you enter in, you would feel as though you just walked into a rather grand hall. The mural artwork in the building is breathtakingly beautiful too.

The Boston Public Library is made up of two buildings – the McKim building, which is named after its architect, Mr Charles Follen McKim while the new building is named the Johnson building that offers circulating books and internet connection. The McKim building is where they have the research library and a map collection, with also murals and a grand gallery where you will find on display the abundance of treasures collected over the past 160 years.

One of the main points of interest of the Boston Public Library is its courtyard that gives visitors a quiet place, away from the hustle and the bustle of the city for a time of peace and serenity. You can grab a snack or lunch from the cafĂ© (the Map Room Cafe) and have your food right there at the courtyard and enjoy the serene surroundings at the same. If you prefer to have a sit down lunch, you can always drop by Novel, a restaurant that serves lunch and tea at the library, and public restrooms are also available on the basement and the first floor of the McKim building. We are sure that as you make your way home in the rented Boston charter bus, your family may just be thinking and planning another trip here soon – the collection of books are just too irresistible as well as the comfort of being driven there in a Boston shuttle bus service makes it even more tempting to return!