Sunday, September 2, 2018

If You Only Have 48 Hours in Boston

If you had only 48 hours in downtown Boston, MA, what would you do? Which activity, which museum, park or restaurant would you try to fit into your airtight schedule? You don’t want to fit an unrealistic number of things into it and make it a time-pernicious affair when you’re in such an amazing city! So, let’s start with being realistic. Second, prioritize. Third, plan ahead of time. These will be your three mantras when trying to organize your trip.

Boston, MA is a very walkable city, so, scope out attractions and what’s around them? You can either walk your way from one destination to another or if, in a group, a rented charter bus is ideal. The trolley is also a feasible mode of transportation. And besides, it’s a unique experience! With history spilling out from every corner of the city, its parks, theaters and museums, it provides a respite and the break you need from the humdrum of everyday life. It’s easy to get caught-up with it so, give yourself the deserving break in Boston.

1. Kicking Things Off at the Boston Commons

Even for those who have already BEEN to Boston, the Commons is a great place to launch into a happy 48-hour travel tour. Apart from being perfectly peaceful, it echoes of hundreds of years of American history. The oldest park in America, it is a must for history and nature lovers. The country’s early days of independence was celebrated at Boston Commons, the Civil War recruitment was run here in the 1860s, and anti-slavery meetings were also held on the grounds. A former utilitarian common ground for militia activities and grazings it may have been, the Commons has evolved as a part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace. A nice sounding name and it does not disappoint!

The Emerald Necklace comprises 1,000 acres worth of green space, connecting nine parks linked by resplendent walkways and waterways. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted during the country’s tumultuous colonial period, Boston Commons is connected to Muddy River and Leverett, Willow Ward’s and Jamaica ponds. In fact, a short distance away is Arnold Arboretum, an all-time favorite for young children and students.

Today, Boston Commons continues to be an important stage for activists to use in their efforts to push for free speech and public assembly. You can easily spend a few hours languidly strolling along taking pictures and feeding the cute little ducks in the ponds.

Boston Common
139 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111
(617) 635-4505
Hours: Daily 24 Hours

2. Shopping and Dining Amid Historic Locations

The answer for your shopping needs is Newbury Street in downtown Boston, a 5-minute walk away from Boston Commons. You’ll find yourself surrounded by upscale shops, designer stores like Burberry, Tiffany, Daniela Corte, Alan Bilzerian, LIT Boutique, Revolve and many more. Along the way, stop by chic cafes like Thinking Cup for posh coffee, tea, sandwiches, and cakes, enjoy a glass of wine together with brunch at the eclectic Sonsie, or pop by Wired Puppy for an espresso which also has another branch in Provincetown.

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