Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Reasons that Make Boston Unique and One-of-a-Kind

To an outsider, Boston may appear to be quite an odd city. Everything from the Bostonian Southie accent to the old wives’ tales that served poignant parts in our country’s history are what makes Boston an enduring, honest-to-goodness tourist magnet.

It boasts of thick-booked culture, colonial history, a long luminary of schools, colleges and universities, age-old sporting venues and civic landmarks, and is also one of the greenest cities in America. While history lovers tackle the Freedom Trail or the Black Heritage Trail, young and old alike will find the townie-style Greater Boston enduringly idiosyncratic in every way. Beantown streets and neighborhoods may not have been well-planned because English men and women who first step foot in New England did not come with a definitive blueprint on how to raise their freshly off-the-boat families in this strange, unfamiliar land during the 1600s.

Boston is a city of dreamers, where everything is possible, where music feeds the soul, sports catapult it, art runs in the veins and marriage is ideally for life. Its uniqueness shot Boston up in ranking as the number one summer vacation spot in the country according to U.S. News & World Report. What the locals might shrug off as “normal”, you might find quintessential. That’s, in the nutshell, how unique you can expect Boston to be.

1. A Menagerie of People, Food, History and Culture

Starting off with its location, many Bostonians will tell you that there is no place like it. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You can expect history spilling out from every corner of its buildings, seeping into every layer of society, hip-hop songs blasting from hilltop parks, students clamoring out of its university and college doors, and authentic traditional local cuisine enticing you at every corner of your walk from the North End to the Commons.

There are perks to being one of the most established cities in the United States; visitors will have fun legging it around Boston downtown taking them only a little over 15 minutes of brisk walking from North End to the Commons. Some people would intentionally ditch their cars to walk from Southie to the Back Bay. Just because Boston is pedestrian-friendly, it is incredibly walkable.

Boston, with its endless effort to promote greener lifestyles, has been attracting eyeballs. Aside from Washington DC, Boston is a major boom town. Within the next ten to twenty years, they expect it to grow faster than many other metro areas in the Northeast, specifically in medicine, technology, and academia.

Since the New England States are relatively small, taking a trip anywhere is a short three-hour charter bus ride away. From the hills to the beaches, trails to the islands, Boston has it all. The astonishing scenery is one of the main reasons why the famed Boston Marathon never made it anywhere else. Families, groups, organizations and companies looking for a place to “get away from it all” can make it a hike up Mount Washington in neighboring New Hampshire, a weekend of swimming in Vermont's Lake Champlain, a train ride to downtown Manhattan, or rent a quaint historic home on Cape Cod for a quiet vacation.

Along the coast, there are thirty islands are sprinkled around Boston Harbor; hence, boating and swimming are extremely popular activities for the people of Boston. When the last trace of a winter dusting is over, locals would head out to the boat docks near The Aquarium and Georges Island to cool off. Spectacle Island, despite facing skepticism in the past, has become quite a popular spot for local getaways. It has a 105-acre park, beaches, hiking trails, a cafe with hill-scape views, and much more. Not too shabby for a former landfill. 

Continue Reading to get the juicy bits on local Boston food, history, culture, art, music, sports, breweries and tourist attractions to discover when you're this is corner of Bean town.

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